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Enter Your Insta Worthy Travel Era!

Picture this; you’re island hopping your way along the Croatian coastline, spending your days soaking up the sun in the crystal clear Mediterranean waters and partying in some of the best nightlife Europe has to offer!

Imagine feeling like you’re in a real-life fairy tale, strolling through the castle district at the top of Budapest by day and dancing under the stars in the legendary ruin bars by night.

Or maybe you’re getting lost in cobblestone streets, savouring the famous Florence sandwich (you get the hype now) and watching the sunset over the iconic ‘Duomo’.

All with some of the best people you haven’t even met yet!

Youth Travel
Youth Travel
Youth Travel

Why Youth Group Travel?

Where do we start... 

Travel is about so much more than just ticking off a destination, it's about immersing yourself in cultures, perspectives and adventures. It's about experiencing the world, being a part of something bigger and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone for the better. It's about old friendships that become your ultimate ride or die mates as well as the new friendships that extend beyond borders and last a lifetime. And it’s about having a whole lot of fun.
Let's be real, spending your time in these moments absolutely trumps itinerary planning! With our group travel partners who specialise in trips just for 18-35 year olds, your biggest decision will be choosing which trip - leaving the logistics like transport and accommodation to the professionals. From there, all you need to worry about how you’re going to fill your time exploring the places you’ve spent a lifetime dreaming about. 

We know how it goes: you’ve got study, a job, bills and possibly housemates to factor in - but the need to travel is real. In fact, if we're being honest, it’s a non-negotiable! Getting the most bang for your buck is a priority here, which is why group travel really takes the cake. As well as pretty much all your transport and accommodation, most trips also include some meals and plenty of activities and experiences, making the value for money impossible to ignore. It’s a no brainer, really.

All of this - and so much more - is exactly why this kind of travel is a must before you move into fulltime adulting! Galivanting around the world with your mates, having the time of your life, experiencing a heap of OMG moments and making big moves on your bucket list (your ‘young self' version, not the 'last of your days' list) - and without having to consider selling your organs on the black market.

Of course, you can play at being a travel agent and do it on your own, but trust us, it won’t be nearly as much fun! 


Can't shake that overwhelming wanderlust feeling? We get it! Check out a couple of our favourite youth travel partners, Contiki and Intrepid’s 18–35s - hit play, get inspired, get excited and get in touch! Whether you're thinking about doing it solo or with friends, we can't wait to get you living out your travel dreams! 


Stop dreaming about it, it's time to make it reality. Get in touch and let the planning begin.  

Let us save you time and show you value for money. Get in touch today!

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